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Pan-Seared Bodacious Red Steaks

Level up your steaks by making them Bodacious Steaks - it's as simple as using our Bodacious Red Soppin' Sauce! This marinade/glaze can do it all when it comes to meat, adding bold smoky flavor that will enhance any cooking or grilling endeavor. It's called Soppin' Sauce because it's best use is just to keep adding it to your meat as it cooks, and don't forget a side of it for dipping. This is really a no-recipe recipe - you cook your steaks as you like to, but to make sure they're bodacious steaks, just keep on soppin'!

plate with a steak marinading in soppin


Heat a large skillet or cast iron pan on medium-high heat. Season both sides of your desired cut of steak with salt & pepper.  Rub steaks with about a tablespoon of olive oil - add a drizzle of oil to the pan as well. Pan fry on medium-high heat, cooking to your preferred level of doneness. Drizzle Soppin’ Sauce over your bodacious steaks and serve!  

plate of steak cooked with soppin

Enjoy the Bodacious Steaks!

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