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Here at Cookwell & Company, we are trying to live a little better each day. For us, that means squeezing in a little more exercise, quality time with friends and family and fueling up with intentionally crafted foods.  We invite you to bring our brand, Better Way Provisions, to your table, and begin living a better way one day at a time.

Chef Recommended Directions:

Serve contents of jar chilled in bowls or cups.  Garnish with any of the following: extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, diced cucumbers or tomatoes.  Make it a meal by adding protein such as cooked shrimp, crabmeat or cooked pulled chicken.  Serve with toasted bruschetta or a fresh baguette.


Filtered water, roasted tomato, diced tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, roasted onion, tomato paste, onion, jicama, roasted garlic, roasted poblano pepper, lemon juice concentrate, salt, oleoresin paprika, xanthin gum, black pepper.

Refrigerate after opening.