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Dill Pickle Vinaigrette

Dill Pickle Vinaigrette

Cookwell & Company

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Here at Cookwell & Company, we are trying to live a little better each day. For us, that means squeezing in a little more exercise, quality time with friends and family and fueling up with intentionally crafted foods.  We invite you to bring our brand, Better Way Provisions, to your table, and begin living a better way one day at a time.

What's the DILL you ask?  It's this crazy DILL-ishous vinaigrette! Tangy and sour, you are going to love this unique dressing.  Trust us, give it a try!

Serving suggestions:  Salads (of course!), but this dressing is also great as a marinade for chicken, pork, vegetables, or even curing ceviche.  Serve over grilled fish or even try as a dip for crusty french bread.