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Daniel (Texas)

All I can say is, “HOLY COW!!!” Your Chili is AWESOME! My mom introduced me to your Green Chili Stew last year, and my family has been enjoying it since then. But a week or so ago, HEB had a special, and I decided to try the Texas Two-Step Chili. I am blown away. That is some delicious chili!


I’m also from Texas, I love to cook, and have a pretty good idea of what chili should taste like. I am self-taught–when it comes to chili–originally starting with Wick Fowler’s kits, then doing some internet research, cooking by taste, and improving over time. I LOVE my chili. Mainly because I shape the ground meat into large, flat patties, then cook them on the grill. That’s what, in my opinion, makes mine better than any other I’ve tasted so far. My own little secret. But as far as the spices and other vital ingredients… Your Texas Two-Step Chili Mix is TOP NOTCH!!!

I’ve been all over this beautiful state, and try to check out the chili wherever I go. I’ve been to a few chili cook-offs, but have never entered one. But if I did, and I found out that Cookwell was competing there, I’d be as nervous as a toy Chihuahua. I’m sure you’re already aware of how good your chili is, but I just couldn’t keep my excitement to myself. I look forward to trying more of your products.

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