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Our History

Building a successful food company takes smart strategies and a lot of hard work. Here’s the story of how three partners with varied backgrounds who’d known each other since kindergarten, created Cookwell & Company.

The principals at Cookwell & Company actually started the company on a dare. Could friends who’d known each other their entire lives start a company based on a mutual love – food? Well, they did. Here’s their story.


Will, Kyle, and Brion all shared a deep love of food, and wanted to find a way to bring that passion for flavors to others.What started as a few casual conversations over dinner turned into a serious business venture, and thus, Cookwell & Company was born. 

Brion, with his innate knack for strategic marketing and a robust sales background, took on the role of steering the company's growth. Meanwhile, Kyle handled much of the behind-the-scenes operations as well as the company’s finances. Will, the Co-Owner and President, embodied the heart and soul of Cookwell & Company. As the official company chef, Will's creative genius in the kitchen drove the product development process. He spent countless hours experimenting with flavors, crafting unique recipes that would become the company's signature products.


Today, Cookwell & Company is a household name, with over 20 years in business under its belt. Cookwell is known around the country for its commitment to flavor and quality. It now boasts an expanded product line to include a variety of specialty food items, all designed to make cooking at home a delightful, seamless experience that brings the whole family to the table. They pride themselves on using only the finest ingredients, with a strong focus on sustainability and supporting their community.

Together, the three friends built more than just a company—they’ve created a community of food lovers who share their passion for great flavors. Cookwell & Company stands as a testament to their hard work, creativity, and unwavering commitment to bringing the best to their customers’ kitchens.