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Cheese Enchilada Soup
Cheese Enchilada Soup

Cheese Enchilada Soup

Cookwell & Company

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Have you ever been eating some cheese enchiladas and thought, man, this would be awesome as a soup? No? Well, let us be the first to tell you that you've been missing out, my friend! This soup combines all the things you love about the Tex-Mex classic of cheese enchiladas. Cheesy, hearty, and with some south Texas spice, kick your weeknight soups up a notch. Who knew that taking supper from okay to Ole! could be so easy?

How to prepare:

Cheese Enchilada Soup goes amazing with browned ground beef, shredded chicken, or shredded beef. Our favorite recipe is 1 Jar Cheese Enchilada + 1 Cup Pulled Chicken heated together in a pot until hot and ready to serve. Then add your favorite Tex-Mex toppings, like sour cream, sliced avocado, fresh cilantro, diced tomatoes, or diced onions. May we also suggest our Beef & Cheese Enchilada Casserole as a crowd-pleasing weeknight dinner!


Cheese Blend (Water, Whey, Modified Food Starch, Dextrose, Salt, Com Starch, Maltodextrin, Autolyzed Yeast, Xanthan Gum, Soybean Oil, Blue Cheese, [Pasteurized Milk, Cultures, Salt, Enzymes, Disodium Phosphate, and Sodium Citrate], Annatto and Paprika added for color, and Natural Flavor), Tomato, Corn Tortilla (Corn and Lime), Hydrolyzed Yeast, Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Chicken Base (Oven Roasted Chicken, Salt, Sugar, Corn Starch, Rendered Chicken Fat, Yeast Extract, Natural Flavors, Onion Powder, Rice Flour, Maltodextrin [from Corn], Turmeric Powder), Green Pepper, Onion, Cilantro, Chipotle Pepper, Salt, Vinegar, Spices, Garlic, Jalapeño Pepper, Carrots, Onions, Vegetable Oil, Natural Flavor, Lactic Acid, Gum Arabic, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan.